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How To Make Curry Cow Heel

CURRY COW HEEL! Dev pulls out all the stops to convince Kez (and the rest of us) that his latest creation is the keeper that most Trini Curry dishes are:


3 lbs cow heel


2-3 tbps chopped chadon beni

2-3 tbps chopped chive

2-3 tbps celery

1.5 tbps chopped garlic

1 tbps chopped ginger

3-4 pimentoes, chopped

Half a scotch bonnet, chopped

1 tbps chopped broad leaf thyme


3 tbps curry powder

1.5 cups of water

half teaspoon roasted geera


Coconut oil



1 medium chopped onion

4-5 carapoulay leaves

1 cup Coconut milk


Combine all cow heel seasonings in a blender with oil.

When blended, pour on the meat, mix thoroughly

Place in Ziploc bag or cover in a plastic container

Marinate overnight

When ready to cook:

Layer the cow heel in a pressure cooker, and cover with water until the water is approximately 1 inch above the meat. Add 1 teaspoon of salt.

Pressure cook for exactly 20 minutes after the steam jet goes off.

Depressurize the cooker safely, and remove the meat with tongs. Keep the stock liquid in the cooker and set aside.

Mix together the curry powder, geera and water and set aside.

Heat up the curry pot, and add in 3 tbsp of coconut oil. Add the carapoulay leaves. When the leaves turn brown, add in the curry mixture. Let the mixture reduce down until it is the consistency of wet sand, stirring frequently.

Add in the cow heel, turning and mixing quickly. Add in the chopped onion, turn again.

When you notice the cow heel sticking in the pot, pour in the stock from the pressure cooker. Mix and allow to come to the boil.

When the liquid reduces by one third, add in the coconut milk, mix and lower heat to simmer. You may also add in one tbsp of chopped green seasoning at this point.

When its near to the desired thickness, taste for salt and adjust if needed. When sauce gets to desired thickness, turn off the heat and serve.


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