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How To Make Trinbago-Style Breadfruit Oil Down

Trinbago-Style Oil Down is on the agenda in this week’s episode of How To? Foodie Nation:

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1 medium Breadfruit

1/2 cup chopped Garlic

8 medium Pimento Peppers

1/2 lb boiled Salted Pigtails

4 Dasheen Bush Leaves

2 bundles of Chive

Pepper Sauce to taste

1/4 cup Vegetable Oil


1. Add vegetable oil to pot.

2. Saute chive, pimento and garlic.

3. Add breadfruit and allow to steam with dasheen bush.

4. Stir in pigtails and pepper sauce.

5. Add enough coconut milk to cover ingredients.

6. Allow to cook under low heat.

7. Leave enough liquid for gravy when cool.

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