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Scenic Foodie Tour of Toco, Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹

Once again, we met up with our foodie friend Tevin of Totally Toco, this time for an unforgettable Scenic Tour of Toco, Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹 where we checked out some of the popular local sights including; Patience Beach, Galera Point Lighthouse, Salybia Beach, and Mission Beach.

Of course, we stopped for breakfast at Touch of Class Restaurant where we enjoyed; fried bake, coconut bake, salt fish, smoked herring, accra with tamarind and mango chutney, pies, cocoa tea, fresh juices, and sweet bread. Our lunch stop took us to Wee’s Sweet Hand for some hearty vegetable rice, callaloo, macaroni pie, and stew pork with fresh salad, for ‘dessert’ we had granola and sea moss punch. Both of these restaurants are located in Cumana Village.

This is a variation of one of the many tours offered by Totally Toco.

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