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Classic Puffs Recipe (3 Ways) by Chef Shaun 🇹🇹

Pâte à choux, also known as choux pastry, is a versatile pastry dough with French origins. The term “choux” means cabbage in French, and the pastry earned its name due to its resemblance to small cabbages when baked. One distinctive characteristic of pâte à choux is its high moisture content, which creates steam during baking, causing the pastry to puff up and form a hollow center.

Pâte à choux is the foundation for various classic French pastries, including éclairs and cream puffs. Its light and airy texture makes it a popular choice for both sweet and savory applications in the culinary world.

Yield- 20 Large Puffs


Cheese- 8 oz

Onion- 1/8 cup.

Pimento- ¼ cup.

Pepper Sauce- to taste

White Pepper- ¼ tsp

Mayonnaise- ½ cup

Mustard- 1 tsp

Evaporated Milk- 1/8 cup.

Chicken Breast- 1 lb.

Salt- 1 tsp

Black Pepper- ¼ tsp

Onion Powder- ½ tsp

Garlic powder- ½ tsp

Paprika- ½ tsp

Pepper Sauce- ½ tsp

Celery- ¼ cup

Mayonnaise- ½ cup

Tuna in Water- 1 lb.

Salted Butter- 2 tbsp.

Pepper Sauce- 1 tsp or to taste.

Salt- 1 ½ tsp

Black Pepper- ½ tsp

Pimento- ¼ cup.

Onion- ¾ cup.

Mayonnaise- 1 cup.

Margarine- 8 oz

Water- 2 cups

Salt- ½ tsp

All Purpose Flour- 2 ¼ cups (sifted)

Large Eggs- 8


1. Make fillings as illustrated in our tutorial video.

2. Grease sheet & apply parchment paper to your ½ sized baking sheet for puffs.

3. Preheat oven to 375F.

4. Add margarine, water & salt to saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally using a spatula or wooden spoon.

5. Water simmering is your sign to switch off.

6. Remove from heat.

7. Add flour.

8. Once well mixed, return to medium heat and cook for 1 to 3 minutes.

9. Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool while you prepare your mixer.

10. Lightly beat eggs.

11. Add eggs one at a time.

12. Fill piping bag.

13. Pipe onto sheet.

14. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes.

15. Allow to cool before filling.

16. Store unfilled in an airtight container in the freezer for long-term use.


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