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Trini Chicken Pelau Recipe

Yield: 25 Servings


Brown Sugar - 1 1/2 cups

Seasoned Whole Chicken - 3 (cut into pieces)

Rice - 4 lbs

Pigeon Peas - 6 tins (410g)


Scotch Bonnet Pepper - 1 whole

Carrots - 3 (cubed)

Pimento Pepper - 25 (finely chopped)

Garlic - 10 (finely chopped)

Onion - 2 lb (finely chopped)

Pumpkin - 2 lb (cubed)

Coconut Milk - 2 cups

Golden Ray - 4 oz

Chive - 6 bundles

Chadon Beni (Culantro) - 6 bundles

Salt - to taste


  1. Heat iron pot over high heat.

  2. Once iron pot is hot, add brown sugar.

  3. Once sugar is fully dissolved, add chicken and let brown for 10 minutes. (Chicken should be at room temperature)

  4. Reduce heat to medium, add rice and mix until rice is browned.

  5. Add peas and enough water to cover rice.

  6. Add whole pepper, cover and let water come to a slow boil. (about 10 minutes)

  7. Add carrots, pimento, garlic and onion.

  8. Cover and let cook for 15 minutes.

  9. Add pumpkin, coconut milk & golden ray. (At this point you can check the doneness of the rice. Depending on how hard or soft it is you can either add more water if it's still very hard OR not cover the pot again to let the remaining water evaporate if the rice is almost fully cooked)

  10. Cover and let cook for 10 minutes.

  11. Add chive and chadon beni and taste for salt.

  12. If rice is fully cooked but the mixture still looks a bit too wet leave the cover off, turn the heat on low and keep stirring so the bottom doesn't burn. Do this until you've reached your desired consistency.

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