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How To Make Trini Chadon Beni Sauce

Yield: 10 Oz


2 ½ Cups of Fresh Chadon Beni (Culantro) Leaves 4 Cloves Garlic, cut into Slivers ½ Scotch Bonet Pepper, Seeds Removed 2 Tbsp Lime Juice 1 Cup Water 1 Tsp Salt


  1. Prepare chadon beni leaves by washing off any minimal dirt and cutting off the root end.

  2. Cut leaves into two or three pieces and place into a high powered blender together with the sliced garlic, scotch bonnet pepper, lime juice half the amount of water and the salt.

  3. Blend on highest speed until ingredients are broken down into smaller chards. Add additional water to break down the viscosity of the sauce and assist in blending. The consistency should be fluid with small coarse pieces of chadon beni studding the sauce.

  4. Taste sauce and adjust with more salt if needed to help accentuate the sharpness and savory notes.

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