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How To Make Trini Fried Split Peas

Arlene shows Kezzianne how to prepare a favorite snack of many, Fried Split Peas:


1lb Split Peas /Dhal

Approximately 3 cups Vegetable Oil (for deep frying)


Black Pepper

½ tbsp Hot Pepper (remove seeds)

½ cup Chadon Beni

1/3 cup Garlic


Remove debris from dhal, place in a large bowl and cover with water.

Let this soak overnight.

Drain dhal and dry thoroughly with towels.

Finely chop chadon beni, garlic and hot pepper into a large bowl.

In a deep 10inch frying pan, heat oil on med to high flame.

Deep fry dhal in small portions until they float to the top.

Remove from oil and unto paper towel to remove excess oil.

While they are still hot, add to seasoning mix and toss.

Add salt and black pepper to taste.


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