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How To Make Garlic Butter Yams

Arlene brought some fresh yams from Tobago to show Kez how she prepares her Garlic Butter Yams:


3lbs Yams

½ cup minced garlic

1 cup room temperature Butter

1 1/2 cup Blended Green Seasoning

1 cup roughly Parsley

¼ cup Olive Oil


Black Pepper


To make the garlic butter

In a bowl mix well butter, garlic and olive oil.

Peel yams and cut into 1-inch pieces.

In a large soup pot add yams, cover with water, add blended seasoning and 2 tbsp salt.

Boil for approximately 20 minutes or until cooked. Strain and set aside.

Using a non-stick frying pan heat on medium to high heat, add ¼ cup garlic melted butter, add

the yam in portions not to crowd the pot.

Stir intermittently and allow to cook until edges are brown. Add salt to taste.

Repeat the process.

Garnish with fresh parsley.


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