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How To Make Trini Curry Chicken

Yield: 8 Portions


Marinade for Chicken:

3 Lb Whole Chicken, cut into 12 pieces

1 ½ Tsp Salt

½ Tsp Black Pepper

½ Tsp Chief Brand Curry Powder

¼ Tsp Geera (Cumin) Powder

2 Tbsp Fresh Green Seasoning

2 Tbsp Fresh Chopped Chives

To Cook Chicken:

3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

½ Tsp Whole Geera (Cumin) Seeds

¼ Cup Julienned Onions

1 Tbsp Minced Garlic

1 Tbsp Pimento Peppers/Jalapeños, chopped

2 Tbsp Chief Brand Curry Powder

1 Tbsp Geera (Cumin) Powder

¾ Tbsp Garam Massala Powder

¾ Tbsp Turmeric Powder

1 ¾ Cup Water

1 Tbsp Chadon Beni (Culantro) minced

Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. After cutting up chicken into pieces, place in a medium mixing bowl and season with the marinade ingredients specified. Ensure to massage and rub all the spices into the chicken parts. Let marinate for at least 2 hrs to overnight.

  2. Place a medium high sided iron pot on high heat and add the oil.

  3. When heated, sprinkle in the geera seeds to toast for 10 seconds followed by the addition of the onions and garlic into the hot oil and sauté for two minutes until fragrant.

  4. Place the garlic, onions and pimentos into the hot oil and sauté for two minutes until fragrant.

  5. Add the curry powder, cumin, garam massala and turmeric. Stir spices in the hot oil to parch and cook the powders for approximately 2 minutes.

  6. Add 1 cup of the water and stir the spices to dissolve the grains of the curry in the water. Let cook for about 2 minutes until the liquid reduces by half and a semi thick curry paste develops.

  7. Add the seasoned chicken to the hot pot and turn pieces to evenly coat the chicken with the curry mixture. Cover pot and let cook for 6 - 8 minutes to allow chicken to spring its natural water.

  8. Remove cover and add the reserved ¾ cup of water. Stir and bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer. Cover and let cook for 20 minutes stirring once or twice.

  9. After cooking period; remove the cover, add the chadon beni and season to taste with salt and pepper as per your taste preference.

  10. Remove from heat and serve with rice, roti or even boiled provisions and dumplings.

*DISCLAIMER: This recipe includes a paid advertisement for Chief Brand Curry Powder.

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