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How To Make Trini Beef Soup

Arlene changes up things a bit by using a Pigeon Peas base in her Beef Soup:


1 ½lbs Beef Chuck (cubes)

1lb green Pigeon Peas

¾ cups blended green seasoning

1 cup Chive

1/4 cup Pimento

¼ cup Garlic

½ cup Celery

2 ½lbs Provisions (sweet potato, dasheen, edos, cassava, yam)

½ cup Carrot and/or ½ cup Pumpkin (optional)

¼cup Vegetable Oil

¼ cup Lime/Lemon juice

Salt to taste


Place beef in a large bowl and cover with water and lemon juice. Mix and allow to sit for 5


Drain water from beef.

Add blended seasoning and salt to taste set aside to marinate.

In a bowl, peel and dice provisions and carrot/pumpkin(optional) into one-inch cubes and cover

with water.

Place a large soup pot on medium heat and add ¼ cup vegetable oil.

When the oil is heated, add seasoned beef and stir.

Cover pot and let cook on low heat for 15mins. Continue to add a little water to prevent


To the beef, add peas, provision with water, chopped seasoning, salt to taste. Make sure all

ingredients are submerged in water.

Cover and allow to cook on low heat for approximately 30- 40 minutes or until beef is tender

and provisions are cook.

For a thinner soup, add water and keep contents covered.

For a thicker soup, crush a few pieces of potatoes and peas with the back of the spoon against

the side of the pot.

When the soup is cooked, add chopped celery and cover until you are ready to enjoy.


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