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How To Make Trini Stewed Lentils

Arlene teaches Kez how to prepare a Trini classic, Stew Lentil Peas:


1lb Lentil Peas

½ cup Carrot- diced

½ cup Pumpkin- diced

1 cup coarsely chopped Chive

1/3 cup Pimento Peppers

¼ cup Garlic

½ cup chopped Celery

½ cup Brown Sugar

½ cup Veg Oil

¾ cup Ketchup


In a large pot, boil lentils until its half way cooked (still firm at the center).

Strain out the water from the lentils.

Using a 9-inch pan heat vegetable oil and brown sugar on medium to high heat.

When sugar becomes fluffy and brown add lentils and stir thoroughly.

Add carrots, pumpkin, chopped seasoning and stir.

Add ketchup, stir, cover and allow to cook approximately 30 minutes or until peas are soft.

Add salt to taste.

When lentils are cooked completely, add chopped celery.


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