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How To Make Trini Curry Duck

Yield: 12 Portions


To Marinate Duck:

4 Lbs Roasted Duck (cut into 1-inch pieces)

1¼ Tbsp of Salt

¾ Tbsp of Black Pepper

3 Tbsp of Chopped Onions

2 Tbsp of Chopped Garlic

1 Tbsp Minced Pimentos/Jalapenos

4 Tbsp of Minced Celery

1 Tsp of Minced Ginger

2 Tbsp of Chopped Chadon Beni/Culantro

2 Tbsp of Duck & Goat Curry Powder

1½ Tsp Geera Powder

1 Tsp Amchar Masala

¾ Cup of Green Seasoning

To Cook Duck:

3 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

½ Tsp of Whole Cumin Seeds (Geera Seeds)

8 Carapoulay Leaves (Curry Leaves)

2 Tbsp of Chopped Onions

1 Tbsp of Chopped Garlic

2 Tbsp of Minced Celery

1 Tbsp Minced Pimentos/Jalapenos

1 Tsp of Minced Ginger

1 Tbsp of Chopped Chadon Beni/Culantro

2½ Tbsp of Duck & Goat Curry Powder

2 Tsp of Amchar Massala

2 Tsp of Turmeric Powder

1½ Tsp of Geera/Cumin Powder

6 Cups of Water

3 Tbsp of Tamarind Sauce

3 Tbsp Chopped Chadon Beni/Culantro

Salt & Black Pepper to taste


  1. Place duck pieces into a medium bowl and season with the salt black pepper and other marination ingredients. Mix well to incorporate and let marinate overnight if possible or minimum of one hour.

  2. Place a Medium Iron Pot over High heat. Add the oil to heat, and then drizzle in the gear seeds and curry leaves. Let cook for 10 seconds then sauté the second set of aromatics; onions, garlic, celery, pimentos, ginger, and chadon beni.

  3. Sauté for 3 minutes until fragrant then add your spices; curry, amchar massala, turmeric and cumin. Mix and stir well continuously, allowing the spices to cook for about 3 minutes in the pot over the high heat.

  4. Add 1 cup of water and cook this curry paste for 3 minutes covered.

  5. Add your seasoned duck and stir to coat. Let it cook for 20 minutes covered over high heat then add the remaining to the pot. Mix well ensuring to scrape the bottom of the pot with pot spoon to remove any caramelized bits.

  6. Add the tamarind sauce and water, cover and let simmer for 1 hour on medium to high heat.

  7. During cooking time, check to see if water is drying up and feel free to add an additional 6 cups of water to assist duck in cooking and softening in texture as it yields a tender result. You may have to continue cooking it for another 30 minutes to yield a soft texture.

  8. Remove cover, taste and season with salt and pepper to preference and add the chadon beni.

  9. Once duck pieces are tender with a little give in texture, you can allow the curry sauce to reduce if you desire a thicker consistency. However it’s recommended that you retain some of that curry sauce.

  10. Serve curried duck with various rotis or even boiled rice or boiled starches such as cassava (yuca) or even yams.

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