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  • Raakesh Madoo

Cucumber & Rosemary "Blue Lagoon" Cocktail for Carnival | Wah Yuh Drinkin?

It’s midday, so it’s time to hit the road with the bands! Stay hydrated with this fresh twist of a Blue Lagoon Cocktail using cucumber and rosemary.

1 1/2 oz. Ketel One Vodka

1 oz. Blue Curacao

4 oz. Fresh Home-made Lemonade (sweetened to taste)

3 Strips Cucumber (peeled and no skins nor seeds)

2 Sprigs Rosemary

Glassware: Hurricane

Garnish: Lemon Flag, Cucumber Twist and Rosemary Sprig

Methodology: Place 1 Rosemary Sprig and 3 Strips Cucumber in the bottom of the Mixing Glass and gently Bruise. Add remaining ingredients and fill shaker with ice. Double strain into an ice-filled Hurricane Glass. Apply Garnish

Home-Made Lemonade

1 Part Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Part Simple Syrup

2 Parts Water (to taste)

Stir all ingredients thoroughly to taste. Refrigerate immediately.

*Lemonade should be a bit tart and acidic since it is shaken into the Cocktail


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