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  • Chef Jeremy Lovell

Peanut Punch Recipe by Chef Jeremy Lovell ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡น

Yield - Serves 6

Cooke time: Approx. 1hr

Prep time โ€“ 30min


๏‚ท Peanut butter โ€“ 16oz

๏‚ท Vanilla โ€“ 1tbsp

๏‚ท Cinnamon powder โ€“ 1tsp

๏‚ท Nutmeg โ€“ 1 tsp

๏‚ท Condense milk โ€“ 6oz

๏‚ท Full cream milk โ€“ 20oz

๏‚ท Linseed โ€“ 2oz

๏‚ท Ice crushed โ€“ 1 cup


๏‚ท In a blender mug add all ingredients, starting with ice first.

๏‚ท Cover blender mug and blend till smooth.

๏‚ท Serve in a glass of ice.

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