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Party Rum Punch Recipe


Dark Rum - 500 ml

White Rum - 200 ml

Fresh Start Pineapple Juice - 175 ml

Fresh Start Fruit Punch Concentrate - 750 ml

Fresh Start Lime Juice - 50 ml

Pomegranate Syrup - 75 ml


  1. Add all ingredients to bottle and shake thoroughly.

  2. Serve chilled.



Dark Rum - 2 oz

White Rum - 1oz

Fresh Start Pineapple Juice - 2 oz

Fresh Start Fruit Punch Concentrate - 2 oz

Fresh Start Lime Juice - 2 oz

Pomegranate Syrup - 1 oz


(SHAKEN or STIRRED) Add all ingredients to mixing glass or pitcher. Filled with ice and shake (if you’re shaking it) OR stir till well chilled. Pour mixture over your fruit cubes or your regular ice.

Garnishes: Lime Wedge & Maraschino Cherry

Fruit Cubes: Instead of adding White Rum to the mixture at the start of the recipe you can easily liven up the presentation of your drink by dicing fresh fruits into your ice tray but instead of adding water, fill the ice tray with White Rum and Simple Syrup. This way, as you keep sipping your drink the fruit cubes will melt, ensuring your Rum Punch always has that “kick” and a fresh fruit taste.

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