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  • Chef Jeremy Lovell

Trini Cow Heel Soup Recipe by Chef Jeremy Lovell

Yield - 6 Persons

Cook Time – 1 hour

Marinating Time - 1 hour

Prep Time – 1 hour


 Cow Heel (cut into 2” rounds) - 3lb

Washing of Cow Heel

 Lime Juice – 4 tbsp

 Water – 6 cups

Seasoning Ingredients:

 Pimento Peppers – 8 (finely chopped)

 Chive – 3 tbsp (finely chopped)

 Fine Thyme – 1 tbsp (finely chopped)

 Garlic – 3 tbsp (peeled and finely chopped)

 Chadon Beni – 4 tbsp (finely chopped)

 Bay Leaf – 1 each

 Salt to taste

 Black Pepper – 1 tbsp

 Hot Pepper – 1 whole

Other Ingredient for Soup:

 Onion – 3 tbsp (cut into large cubes)

 Water -3tbsp

 Hot Pepper – 1 whole

 Carrots – 8oz (cut into large cubes)

 Potatoes – 4oz (cut into large cubes)

 Pumpkin – 4oz (cut into large cubes)

 Fine Thyme – 2oz (finely chopped)

 Pimento Peppers – 3tbsp (rough chopped)

 Garlic – 4 cloves (peeled & crushed)

 Butter – 4oz

 Celery – 2oz (finely chopped)

Dumpling Dough:

 Flour – 2 cups

 Water – 1 cup


Washing of Cow Heel

 In a large bowl add cow heel, water and lime juice.

 Stir for 3 minutes and allow to soak for a further 5minutes.

 After soaking rinse cow heel under running water for 3minutes.

Making Dumplings:

 Add water and flour in large bowl.

 Mix and knead until dough comes together.

 Roll dough out and cut into 2inch pieces.

Seasoning of Cow Heel:

 In a large bowl add washed cow heel and all seasoning ingredients.

 Mix thoroughly for 3minutes.

 Allow to marinate for at least 1 hours.

Cooking of Cow Heel Soup:

 Place Tall pot on stove, turn on heat.

 Add butter and seasoned cow heel and stir let cook for 5mins.

 Add water just enough to cover cow heel and to cook for a further 1 hour.

 After 1 hour check for tenderness of cow heel. If cow heel is soft, add all other ingredients except dumplings. Add more water just to cover ingredients, cover and allow to cook for another 45min.

 After 45 mins check for tenderness of provisions, vegetables and add dumplings.

 Taste for salt content to your desired taste.

 Add water if needed, let cook for 15mins.

 Once dumplings are cooked turn off heat.

Note: Do not allow hot pepper to burst. This may add unwanted

spice to the dish. Also, if you have a pressure cooker available,

this can be used to cook cow heel in half the cooking time.


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