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  • Jenna G The Hijabi

How To Make Trini Sawine Cake

Our friend Jenna G The Hijabi TT is back to teach us how to prepare Sawine Cake, a yummy and convenient treat for Eid:


* 200 g vermicelli

* 1/2 cup condensed milk (can be adjusted)

* 4 tbsp margarine or salted butter

* 2 cups evaporated milk

* 1 cup water

* 1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence

* 1 - 2 cinnamon sticks (depending on the size)

* 8 cloves (approx.)

* 1/4 cup raisins (can be adjusted)

* 1/4 cup cherries (can be adjusted)

* almonds (optional)


1. Break vermicelli into small pieces. Pieces don't need to be broken very small. This step just makes handling easier in the next step.

2. In a dry pot over low/medium heat, melt margarine or butter.

3. Add vermicelli and parch until the noodles are brown. Stir continuously to ensure all the noodles get as evenly parched as possible. This can take a few minutes depending on your heat so keep an eye on it.

4. Once the vermicelli noodles are nicely parched, add the water, evaporated milk , condensed milk and spices.

5. Maintain the heat level on low/medium. Stir everything well to ensure all ingredients are nicely incorporated and allow the noodles to cook until they soften up. Add in the raisins and cherries. Mix well.

6. Cook for a few minutes until the mixture thickens up. Keep stirring to ensure the mixture does not stick or burn.

7. Remove any large pieces of spices (e.g., cinnamon sticks and cloves) if you are able to. This is to prevent anyone from biting into these while eating.

8. Once it has thickened up, add to a greased dish. Spread it out evenly using a spatula or spoon to smoothen the top. In this step you can top with almonds and/or more of the dried fruits if you like. If you choose to do this, use a spoon and press them gently into the mixture to ensure they 'stick' on to the vermicelli cake.

9. Set aside for a few hours or place in the refrigerator to firm up.

10. Cut into any size squares you like and ENJOY!


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