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Curry Duck Recipe


*FC = Finely Chopped

Duck - 3 Lbs (1 1/2 inch cubes)

Lime Juice - 2 Tbsp

Curry Duck & Goat Seasoning - 3 Tbsp

Roasted Geera - 1 Tbsp

Black Pepper - 1 Tsp

Salt - 1 Tbsp

Scotch Bonnet Pepper - To Taste (FC)

Green Seasoning - 4 Tbsp

Oil - 2 Tbsp

Onion - 1 Cup (FC)

Garlic - 4 Cloves (FC)

Curry Powder - 1 Tbsp

Saffron Powder - 1/2 Tbsp

Masala - 1 Tbsp

Water - 1/4 Cup

Scotch Bonnet Pepper - 1

Coconut Milk - 2 Cups (Optional)


  1. Wash duck, drain and place in a bowl.

  2. Season duck with lime juice, curry duck & goat seasoning, roasted geera, black pepper, salt, scotch bonnet pepper and green seasoning.

  3. Cover and let marinate for 6-8 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

  4. Mix curry powder, saffron powder and masala in 1/4 cup of water and set aside.

  5. Heat oil in a deep iron or stainless steel pot.

  6. Add onion and garlic and let cook for 2 minutes.

  7. Add curry mixture and let cook for 2 minutes over medium heat.

  8. Add duck, mix well, cover and let cook for 5 minutes.

  9. Remove the cover and add all the remaining ingredients.

  10. Cover and let cook over medium heat for 45 minutes. (remove cover every 15 minutes to see if any additional water is needed)

  11. Once 45 minutes has elapsed, remove cover and let liquid evaporate to your desired consistency.

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